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My Cold-Blooded Roommate [Updated]

Upon moving into my new apartment, I found a ball python coiled next to my water heater. This took place today about 30 minutes ago (10:30pm EST). Enjoy this short clip! I’m happy to report that the maintenance man at … Continue reading

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Culinary Quest

I have very little experience in the cooking arena.  A typical meal that I cook consists of pasta from a box with sauce from a jar.  I have made a couple of “chicken helper” meals as well.  Outside of that, … Continue reading

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Unnatural Light

This is a snapshot of a CFL bulb in a restaurant light fixture.  I manipulated the levels a bit to make the bulb and fixture more prominent after desaturating the image.  Certainly not a masterpiece by any means, but I … Continue reading

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Ice Storm Photos

These are just a few photos I took today to chronicle the great winter storm of 2011. The ice is still accumulating at the moment.

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Drunken Monkeys

This video struck me as incredibly humorous! I just had to share it.

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