A few of my creations

Clinical PharmAssist

A conceptual web application that I built on rotation to help clinical pharmacists follow and manage their patients.  I have included the presentation in both PDF and PPT formats.  PPT|PDF

Case Calculator

A web application for use during case conference to eliminate errors in calculation of ideal body weight and creatinine clearance.
Case Calculator EntryCase Calculator Results


A web application for Butler University Swim Club members to record their yardage swam and to compare their yardage with the other members. Additional functionality includes voting on team shirts and taking attendance.
poolSHARK Screenshot

Points Calculator

My first iOS web application. It simply calculates the point value of food items based on the empiric Weight Watchers PointsPlus formula (found on wikipedia). You can check it out on your iOS device by clicking here in Safari. Be sure to add it to the home screen for the full experience.
Points Calculator IconPoints Calculator SplashscreenPoints Calculator Screenshot 1Points Calculator Screenshot 2

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  1. Byron says:

    Hi Charles,
    I’m a 3rd year pharmacy student and a tech enthusiast, seeing so many medical apps popping out into the market, I see the potential for developing apps for mobile medicine. For us, we’re trained to be the drug expert, and surely I’m not as tech savvy as many programmers out there, I wonder if you know any post-graduate program that help people who have interest in a career of both medicine and information technology.
    Your input is greatly appreciated

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